Penguindrum 16 - Another Flashback Episode

At one point you are just abusing your flashback privileges. They were trying to be semi serious with a mainly humour episode, the calm before the storm. I see what they were trying to do, but it still felt extremely out of place. I guess I just came to expect it to have stayed that way until the end rather then getting a laidback episode. At least a return of Seizon Senyraku was welcomed!

How was it possible to program that recording into the fake book with just pages where the second they matched up, it broadcasted; That is pretty pro if you ask me. At least we now know how rich people spend their money, taunting other rich people; Go figure. Though, a whole episode dedicated to our new stalker was a pretty boring story if you ask me.

For a person that the red head only trusted, it sure took a long time to introduce her. Her only use was fanservice for us, is this any better indication they were looking for a humour episode to break up the serious bits? The fate of all maids is fanservice, tsk tsk. God I missed Seizon Senyraku time so much!


So we get to meet the crazy grandfather this episode. Another new character introduced just for this episode to add more comical moments. They did try to weave in a bit of serious note with the grandfather, but it seemed more like a lie. Probably the pink haired guy pulling some strings to trick the red head. There has been magic floating around so I guess that curse thing could be true but I doubt it.

Well we got a clear indication where things are going now. The twins are working with the pink haired doctor while red head will oppose him. I am thinking, eventually the twins will change sides and will team up to beat the pink haired doctor. Even use the almighty Penguindrum to beat him! How? I don't know D: Maybe throw it at him and pray?