doot doot doot

So I finally finished watching Sola after like 2 weeks. Trying not to ruin anything, overall I found the anime decent. I guess if anything, the story was all foreshadowed and you saw everything coming, problem was I didn't like what happened. It was well wrapped up for an ending in general. Also 2 of the chars didn't do anything but be plot devices for the main storyline. Probably worth a 8 or 8.5/10 but cause I didn't like ending, its more of a 7/10 for me.

Learned that Fist of FU opened up OB today. Tried it for last couple hours. Wasn't to bad other then fact I couldn't do any missions from main first town due to extreme lag from all the players. Also started dieing alot and forced to team and not just solo everything. Probably stop playing it now.

Anime next: finish Kara no kyokai (5/7), start Kurenai.

Legend of Edda ETA: 7 days