Mass Effect 2

So finished Mass effect 2 last night, and it wasn't as bad as Rho put it out to be. Basically the game focuses almost entirely building your team and your teams back story. The main storyline is actually really short but how thoroughly you did your side quests determine how the main storyline will progress.

Overall, I found fully exploring the characters side quests was fun. Gives it more back-story on the races and stuff rather then a long winded quest for main character.

So not really going to really break it down for this, it gets a 7/10. Nothing special, but was decently enjoyable overall.

On a side note: Vindictus should open up in a few hours, be in chat box for on spur key :O

Side note 2: Highly likely Rho and I will still be playing HON. MMOsite is hosting keys to get 10 free (no stat) matches with HON. If you wanted to try it out first.
Disclaimer note: In 10 matches you won't be able to learn the ropes fast enough and be raged on hard for feeding the enemy. Hope you like people screaming at you over chat system about how bad you are XD