Phantom Miria

So last week at work, was the exact day they released the new claymore chapter (107). Since then my chrome auto loaded out my last tabs and I re-read the chapter. Now a week later, forums are blaring with rage over this chapter as I was when I first saw it.

So this involves huge spoilers, Don't click if you want to read chapters chronologically.

So The biggest thing about this chapter is my favorite claymore, and 1 of my favorite characters in anime in general, die. Poor Miria D:

Since I assume some of you clicking this don't read claymore and reading this anyways for god knows why. Miria is basically the cool, calm, collected leader of the "rogue" group of claymores the main character is part of. In every chapter she is in, she is portrayed to be intelligent and calculative type.

Now the problem with this chapter wasn't so much that she died, but how she died. For a character that seemed nearly omniscience, she acted totally out of character this whole chapter almost as if the author wanted her to die forcefully and didn't care how.

The introduction of the number 10 claymore being all powerful and used purely for fighting the other claymore is a huge plot hole. The idea of how many claymores went rogue like Teresa, yet she never appeared. Clearly your expertise could have slowed Teresa down enough, and maybe have changed the anime as a whole since Clare would lose her reason d'etre.

Their have been much more lengthy posts about how out raged people are about this since it seems Miria was a much loved character. First all 3 abyssal beings portrayed as all powerful are all dead now, with no more "big badies" the author most resort to killing off main characters.

I hope they pull a "bleach" lulz
Every chapter ends with a "final Blow" that turns out to be not so final lulz
Only real final blow in bleach happens when you see the flash back XD

Side note: Aaro, Rho and I watched The girl who leapt through time over the weekend. For an anime that won a bazillion awards, it wasn't amazing. I mean not bad, but not jaw droppingly good. Mainly felt their were to many unanswered questions. Things kinda just fall in place. Also learned Rho has the weirdest rating system, I mean 5/10 = watchable which is my 7 D: And my system already considered harsh compared to other raters (._.)

Side Note Part 2: Current list of MMOs in order of want:
Blade and Soul > Iris Online > Guild Wars 2 > Legend of Edda

Side Note part 3: Started playing Mass Effect 2 again since i reduced graphics enough to be "playable". Also been playing HON more with Rho. Downloaded a tool to calculate TSR (true skill rating). Formula for it is long, and tweaked for so that the "average" player = 5.
1-3 = suck
4-6 = average
6+ = amazing
I learned that even though I play decently, I DON'T EVEN REACH 5!!!! I mean granted, almost no body reaches even 5 for TSR, I am greatly saddened by the fact I'm not even considered average player for HON. The description of the tool was right:
"TSR is a very harsh rating system where players are generally rated between 0-10, however values greater than 10 do exist. An average player should have a TSR of 5.0."
Harsh indeed, harsh indeed..............