Plants VS Zombies

So a couple days (maybe longer) Lndi came to chatbox telling me to play plants VS zombies (PVZ). I have heard of it before but I never cared enough to try. Just knew it was extremely popular.

So last night I decided to try it out. Finished it in 1 night, was pretty fun if your into tower defense games.

Anyways, Legend of Edda comes out in a couple hours, Rho and Aaro will make the opening chime but I'll miss it. For now we are gonna be playing on: (you can get a key here if you need one)
Faction: Olympius
Rho: Swordsman
Pearz: Archer
Aaro: Mage

see how this game goes

Side Note: Still no working rom of Etrian Odyssey 3 for DS. Sigh, my old outdated NDSTT card. To cheap to buy newer models for my outdated DS D: