What We Do On Vindictus These Days

Preface: The marketplace is where players put their items up for sale (set price, set time). The said item is taken from their inventory and placed in the Item Server for the duration of the sale; either the buyer takes ownership or the seller takes it back (at any time before someone buys it); in either situation, the item is mailed to them.

The sell window, where you put in the item and set specifics. Pay attention to the white box I've highlighted near the bottom. The story goes like so:

I was cooking earlier today and I heard Rho and Pearz in the other room.
Rho: "My sword looks cooler than yours!"
Pearz: "No wai~ My sword is so much cooler!"
R: "Mine is blacker! That's win!"
P: "You're blind! My sword's a better black!"
(That's how I assume the conversation went. I wasn't paying that much attention.)

The marketplace allows the buyer to see swatches of the main 3 colours in the gear for sale; this is a feature that can't be found anywhere else in the game (other than, you know, looking at the item on someone else). This information allows Rho's next suggestion to make some kind of sense.

R: "Yeah, okay, fine! Let's put it up on the marketplace for like 10mil [so no one else buys it] and then we can see!"
P: "Yeah! Let's do that!"

(Some time passes in between. I'm done cooking.)
R: "Oh, okay. My sword is a dark kind of purple. Yours is a grey or something."
P: "Told you~"
R: "Yeah, yeah."
Aaro: "Did you really put those swords in the marketplace?"
R: "Yeah, for 10mil."
A: "...you guys know that there's a 2% fee on it?"
R: "...liar. You lie."
(Pearz checks.)
P: "...we're never getting our swords back."

Dumbasses. Learn2read.

For reference, I'm carrying about 250k on me; I see that Rho has about 130k. I'm too lazy to check how much Pearz has; at the least, not 200k to drop on rebuying her own sword. These things cost about 8k+mats to craft, and are selling on the marketplace for 49k. (Yes, some people have a few million and more, but that's another story.)

So they just ended up downgrading to another sword for aesthetic purposes right now. xD

~Aaro off