Legendary Champions

I'm very well aware that a majority of people that visit my blog hates Aeria (may have to do with older content XD) but for now I'm trying out the latest game their hosting.

Force informed in the CB opened yestarday so I downloaded it to give it a try. The game seems to be almost pure quests for exp which mainly just involve walking around. I'm level 14 currently 2 hours in. Once you figure out you can click green words in your quest log to auto walk, its easy peasy. Like 1 quest at lvl 14 = 20k exp, killing 1 mob = 100 exp. Keep in mind it takes me like a full 20 secs to kill a mob D:

For anyone that wants to join me I'm in Shu faction, I'll do a review maybe a day or 2 in when I learn more about the game then basic grind of quests XD