1) FF14 Open beta has been closed due to a "Critical Bug" on first day. This bolds well for official release in less then a month. Still don't know if I can run it but I don't see much hope for this.

2) Logged on tonight to do Gorluxors tower in Allods. We downed the first boss Nogram, but failed 2nd one. I think our raid could have finished. We just needed to reorganize our raid and have everyone ready for him. Some organization all we were missing for beating him.

3) Mainly HONing with Rho again. Kinda out of my anime phase again. Comes and goes where I watch a couple series at once. Probably Finish Kannagi and that will be end. Been over a week and haven't finished a 14 eps series.

4) As of now, the most anticipated MMO I want to try is probably Iris Online or Guild Wars 2 (Blade and soul if that ever comes), Iris being most.
A> Anime-ish = pure win
B> seems to have decent customization
C> Run by Gpotato that I actually think does amazing job as a gaming company, would try their games just cause they host it.

5) Mirai Nikki came out with a new chapter (55), guess they might prolong the manga alot longer. Seemed almost certain it was going to end soon but they just opened it up to be much longer if they want which doesn't seem like a good idea D:

6) And for anyone this effects, good idea to update some of your programs. Apprently a critical Windows .dll vunerability was found recently. Could effect some programs you use (for me it was Utorrent) and put your computer at risk.