Just some more randomness

So looking at Rho's last post all I can say is, "IT'S A TRAP!!!"

She makes it look so easy, but the gaps between those combos are tiny and you can land only weak hits in and takes like 30+ mins to take out with that method. Granted she doesn't get hit at all, but its slow as hell.

One thing that does keep me going back to Vind is the forums. Due to lack of GM moding their own forums, every other post is filled with rage and flaming. It is absolutely hilarious to read.

So for now, waiting on Etrian Odyssey 3 for DS to have roms surface. Being a huge grind fest game might turn me off but I guess I will see.

I believe they think that players will play any game they churn out. Just found this game Myth Angels Online. The main video on main page is fukin hilarious. At least they could find people that could speak english to do their talking in video. Either way wow. The game even looks like crap.

Though extremely late, Okami-san finally ended last week. Hope they make a season 2 as most things are left as loose ends. Overall a decent anime 8/10

For new anime season so far
definite Yes: Bakuman, A certain magical Index (though watching it more cause need to finish things), Arakawa under the bridge ( same reason as Index), The world god only knows (maybe, reading manga and it seems decent)

Definite No: Hakouki Shinsengami, Letter Bee, Iron Man, Sora no Otoshimono

As season begins, see if anything else is worth watching.

Random Note: Realized looking at tag cloud, their is no Megaten Tag. Guess never occured the topics wouldn't be about Megaten. 1 day I might go back and retag all those posts D: ........... maybe..........

Side note: Sharing internet with Aaro sucks. Maxing bandwidth almost a week before month roll over and can't download anything now. /wrists

Legend of Edda ETA: 5 days