Vindictus: How to solo White Tyrant (Giant Polar Bear)

Cuz I said I would ;c

Intro cutscene: Awsome
RULE No.1 : Always run left!
RULE No.2 : Don't go behind him!

Left paw pounce:
If you've never fought him before run around in circles for awhile and pay attention to his tells. This is his most used attack, its a basic pounce, limited range with a long as tell, it's when you want to get most of your damage in. He will pound the floor with both hands, the raising part is fast, but you won't miss the pound. He will attack with his LEFT PAW forward. If you're starting where I'm standing in the image, you can start your attack combo already, aim right.

Look at that wussy ass hit zone (displayed in red). I chose to stand a bit further out for this one because that way you can hit his Savage Eye, however if you don't care, you can pretty much have his whole head land on you, it'll just clip and slide you away, no damage or stun.

Right paw dive:
Now this tell is fast, if you're not used to seeing it, you're eating it. He will slide his right paw back like he's presenting, but you're the one getting mounted if you don't get the hell out of the way. I'm still busy getting out of the danger zone in this image, however if you're already out, start your attack combo, aim left first then right as to not wander back into the danger zone.

Right paw dive landing, this attack has a significantly longer stagger time than others, perfect for that hard combo you started in the last image. Just remember when you're rolling back, roll away from him, not left of right.

Double Dive:
A very long tell, he'll pause with his paws up in the air for like a whole second for you. I hope you've been moving left this whole time, because if you weren't then you're taking a big angry paw to the face (see below). The basic rule to tell if you're safe is whether or not you see the inside of his palm, if you do you're not safe yet.

This is the launch, notice that big angry paw I was talking about? If you're standing where I'm standing, you're safe, if you're not, big angry paw. Now you'll want to start a quick combo, or just a basic bash, cuz you won't get much of an opening. Pay attention to that ice pillar right in front of me.

See that ice pillar from the last image? Yea it pissed itself. Anyway, it's called a double dive for a reason, you get about half a second before he launches the other paw and is gone. Catch up and get back into position before he does it again.

Death Roar:
Don't be scared, the death roar means he's gonna die, not you. He starts getting on his hind leg and roaring when he's a bit over one bar of HP. If you've been staying close to him like you should, you can do a full amaranth kick combo onto his right leg. After the raor he'll go apenuts on everything in front of him, so just stay still, you're safe there.
I realized I never mentioned what happens when you go behind him. If you never did, good for you. If you did, you won't do it again will you? I thought so.
~+* Rho