Nice and short

Started playing Mass effect. So far its pretty good, my consensus is that shotguns are imba. Either way The game is unnecessarily difficult. Like all Bioware games, it is plagued with bugs. I can't manually save and rely on the autosave, also randomly my "E" (use) key stop working and I'm forced to load (coupled with the no manual save is bad). Tack on that my comp lags a bit makes FPS games much more difficult when it isn't smooth. I'm almost finished the first one and probably move to 2nd to see how it turns out.

For anime decided to watch Kannagi. Also caught up on some English movies: Salt, Date night, Tekken ( lulz they have a movie XD)

Tried another DS game before Mass Effect. Monster Rancher DS, since I played the PS version. Due inability to skip alot of text boxes and it needs to load every other thing makes it much less enjoyable. Not fun clicking boxes instead of skipping through and spending rest of time in load screens. Either way its dropped D: (could also be I couldn't find a monster I wanted to raise)