So just another random rant:

1) Started playing Dragon Quest 9 again (For DS), got pretty far, but I'm near the end and keep getting owned by same boss. Maybe I'll try it again later D:

2)11eyes seems to be your typical Shouen-esque stories, owelz nothing like cliche stories to pass the time.

3) So SoulMaster announced a content release schedule. If they are faithful to this amount of releases, it might be worth it to go back. I'll see after the first content patch comes in, not like levels in this game are that important, can always join later.

4) God I curse you Starcraft 2, 3 shows still don't have subs yet because of you(Eden of east 2nd movie, Katanagatari eps 8, Seitokai Yakuindomo eps 7) . SUCH BLASPHEMY to make me wait on free things. *shakes fist at sky*

5) So yesterday while at the supermarket, I noticed something AMAZING:

I was all like ZOMGZ and bought 2 packs(other one has already been eaten D:). Used to be sold only in a small privately owned supermarket but that went under and I haven't had 1 of these in like 3 years. God they're so delicious, hopefully they keep selling now that it is in a big chain supermarket, though they're nothing like the Onigiri you see in like Animes XD

PS. I fail at HON horribly now, think I'm on a 6 game losing streak atm.

/random rant over