So what has been up with recent updates

So I been updating blog more often due to 2 major things.
1. I pretty much quit Allods at this point, logging on only to chat in guild chat and help with some menial tasks and I only play soul master for an hour or 2 every night with Rho (Due to timezone issue)

2. I learned my stat counter on the side actually comes with IP tracker for my site. I can see how many visitors and such that show up now. I actually didn't know I had so many visitors that pop in and out of site and made me overjoyed. Gave me the push to update more. For those feeling violated, every site you visit probably has one, you just don't know it D:

So these things gave me the push and the time to update more frequently. So with access to this tracker now (since Rho was the one that actually registered it and didn't know it did this) I have learned that someone is running a bot on my blog? I don't understand why you would do this, all it does is refresh my blog main page every 15 mins, so here is to calling you out D: I mean I'm kinda flattered you would do this, but why?

So I been playing Soul Master with Rho and will probably play Open Beta too. I will roll priest while Rho stays Knight. We learned to enjoy the classes we originally picked. We make a really good team together and can ussually win carrying whoever our 3rd is.

On other news with Force asking me about animes last night I realized I don't remember half the stuff I watched so I decided to compile a list. I used Anime-Planet but I hate how you can only rate by the stars. I would like to give ratings like 7.5 but with the stars, I'm stuck at giving 7 or 8. Either way this is how I rate:
10 - impossible to be perfect, 9 - must watch, 8 - recommend, 7- watchable. 5 - it's so brutal I can barely finish.

Mainly did it since I wanted to know just how many Animes I watched myself, the manga list I didn't even bother to try updating since it would be needlessly long, instead I just left the Mangas I keep up with right now( though incomplete due to some Mangas not showing up on their list)

ETA: 4.5 hours till onemanga dies.

Stealth Edit: Like to point out a nifty program (more of a script) that Aura showed me. This is a latancy Reducer, for gaming in general (not just WOW). I would explain it but that page is pretty in depth and explains extactly how it works and such. Give it a shot if your having latency issues.

Random quote I liked from movie I watched recently (Riverworld):
The Road we walk was built with the stones that scar our feet.