So been busy week as it was my exams so not much to updates.

Finally stopped playing Dragon quest 9. Spent hours upon hours making gear to better prepare for the "final" dungeon (its repeat maps you keep going as difficulty goes up). When I was finally ready, I ran it once and got bored. Guess I Find games more fun making your gear and such top notch then actually playing them game as I do this with many games D:

Though it was fun while it lasted, been a while since I sunk so many hours on a DS game.

Other notes, still no sub on Eden of east 2nd movie. Wonder why it's taking so long, would thing something that popular would be subbed fast. Ookami-san fast being 1 of my top animes really liking where it's going. Hope the ending impresses me as the series has so far.

Still just playing HON, hoping a good new MMO shows up to drain the next 2 weeks I have off. For now, decided to catch up on some random english movies over summer.

Guess that's it for an update.

Side note: the recent heavy updates you can see as a way to procrastinate studying my exams XD