Pearz wants to win

This blog post is brought to by the selfish desires of Pearz wanting to win.

During the week between CB and OB for Soul Master, they are hosting an event to get people to write reviews for their MMO.

Having already written a review found this as a perfect chance to copy paste with some small edits, and post it at an attempt to win the prize.

Now Pearz wants to come in at least the top 3, and with nearly no competition at this point, it seems almost assured that I would win. Now, why take chances? So I bid you all to:

CLICK THIS LINK (was changed from to MMOsite, from MMORPG if you saw post within first hour D:, old link in case ppl wanna click it for no reason XD)

So that I get more clicks, as a thank you, have a loli

On anime-ish note, finished season 1 of Higurashi though it was decent I don't think it was as amazing as the rating set it out to be. Guess I'll see if season 2 changes my mind. Rena is absolutely kawaii, I want to take her home XD

and for those that didn't like my loli have some more piczzzz: