Pearz officially dropping Soul Master...... Again

As the title reads, Rho and I agreed to drop it again. Here is why:

1) Bugs. Seems like majority of bugs still present, not only that, my char been hit by a bug too. I can't swap belts and 1 of the slots is perm bugged. So instead of 6 slots most people can get, I get 3 D:

2) Lack of GM pressence. The CB events have been over quite some time. Their is no announcement of who won or even announcements in general of status. This is always bad when you want to get support.

3) Boredom. The killer of all MMOs. Basically we already grinded once to 30, doing it again is boring, not to mention this time I don't get infinite gold.

4) Cashop. Mainly refusal to charge even a bit of cash but not wanting to be at a disadvantage leaves me in quite a conundrum. So I choose to quit instead of forking out $$$

Maybe if they added more content and such would feel urge to play again, but right now level 10 is as far as I go.

Side Anime Note: anime of the week I watched was Seitokai no Ichizon, more comedy/ parody anime. The talking goes a bit fast and I miss like half the references made, which could be why I enjoyed it less the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. Gonna finally watch Lucky star, see if it's worth the hype.

So for now, just playing HON and maybe a bit of S4.

Edit: watched 1 eps of lucky star, and god thats boring /dropped next anime: 11eyes