Yandere fever

bleh, why do I have so many things to update lately

No shortage of random crap I feel like posting lately so to start off; I'm over the death of onemanga since mangafox has lead me to find this manga. Their is only 5+1 chapters atm but I found it so good that I highly recommend it(extremely rare I ever highly recommend something). Definitely 1 of my top fav Mangas atm.

Also I have decided to pick up some Yandere-ish animes seeing this post while googling around randomly:
11eyes, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Baka to Test Shoukanjuu. Hope they surprise me pleasantly XD
Starting with Higurashi since it seems to have some general high rates around anime sites.

Also opened up the xat box to be open to guests too, if to much spam occurs I'll change it back to members only.

If you guys wanted to leave a message to Rho/Aaro, you can find them Here. It is link to the half complete wordpress page I was working on until I realized their would be no Java and dropped it. Poor deluded Aaro was misinformed by Rho and thought I was going to continue.

So some final fun picks:

And since Force didn't know who Miku was (How can you not love my Moe Miku for my xat box background) and fiting my Yandere-ish mood lately: