Pearz has been busy

Been meaning to make an update but been busy past couple days ~goumen

So couple things been doing, A grinding EXP in Dragon quest 9 since I'm on final boss and can't beat him. Was pretty funny, you fight 3 bosses at the end, I could beat first 2 and failed bad on 3rd one. I went and looked at a guide, recommended level = 44-45, and I look at my team with highest level 37 lulz. Ended up doing alot of the side quest stuff since their is so much D:

Either way having fun grinding Dragon quest 9.

Also finished watching 11eyes. It wasn't as bad as reviews put it out to be. I think people didn't like it cause its a Shouen story to begin with but branches out at end to ot follow that style and people didn't like it. The ones that like that style probably never even picked it up. Either way another solid 7/10, nothing spectacular but wasn't as bad as reviews made it out to be.

For now watching somthing else I should have watched a while ago, Kara no Kyoukai. See if it is up to the hype.

As for Soul Master, truth be told I think that Content release schedule will lead to alot of broken hearts. When a GM team can't even update who won their CB events almost a week after OB started, 2 weeks since CB ended it doesn't seem the GM team is doing much. Not to mention you can check the content the JP server has, and they don't even have anything they mentioned in that post. So unless were getting these updates same time as JP (highly unlikely due to translation time) it will be nothing but a sea of broken promises.

Stealth Edit: Already been broken heart, Orea claimed the reviews would be based more or less on content as well as viewer. The top 2 winners were both posted on a forums where views = clicks where as posting on other places like mine were unique clicks zZzZzZzZzZz

So just yesterday Force pointed out a MMO entering CB soon, Iris online. Due to fact that I like anime-ish MMOs, I will definitely check it out. Also on that note, saw the new Guild wars 2 trailer and that definitely made me want to try it out.

Almost a week later but I regained most my HON skills to bad good teammates are hard to come by. B> competent teammates

Final note: Rho and Aaro will be back from Exile in China in a week, with probably a long long long long blog post to come.