Some Random Info

So, I'm compiling a list of smaller things that people may or may not know of:

1. Blood Drain Earrings. The Wiki is wrong; these are not dropped by Hecate - rather, they are dropped by Kali. The spawn on Kali is not exactly known, but just sit around for enough nights and she will start showing up.

2. Pulse. As of the patch before the Team PVP was implemented, (and I tested the following myself) Pulse was capped at 70%, with 5% increments to your pulse strength every time you hit a 10 Int multiple. Translation: 139 int = 65% pulse, 140 int = 70%, 135int = 65%, 130 int = 65%.

3. Armor Break (or whatever the rapid equivalent). It lowers your enemy's resistance to blunt, slash and charge (and the gunner equivalent is rapid). So, using this skill only helps if you use the basic melee archetypes. Side notes: each swipe reduces roughly 20% off their resistance, and it caps at 100%. If the player has Anti up (meaning resistance over their head), you can not reduce their resistance even a bit.

4. Kogitsunemaru. The dagger's description is wrong. That is why Rho used it for PVP; its bonus was 10% to all spell damage (general) and it also counted as non-ceremonial for Regal.

5. Stacking. Contrary to Rikku's blog post, Master Stance and 13 Shots stack. Both Rho and I tested this and used it.

6. Melee strength. Right now, for melee, the strongest elements are: death, fire, blunt, expel, magic, and ice. (In fact, death is extremely overpowered.) This list will change when the Thor Stone and the 3 Frost Set are obtainable.

7. Me. I downloaded and beat Phantasy Star Zero (DS) over weekend. It's amazing but short. T_T