It is true: 3 posts, 1 day. ZOMGZ~ It's just that I forgot all the random stuff I wanted to add to my first post, and so this is the make-up. (Aaro Note~ : Because editing is a foreign concept to Pearz.)

If you haven't heard, this made me crack up. Rick rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllled. XD

Another small note: 1.1kAP Rebate, BOGO event, and now a 30% cashback? I'm expecting some crazy Tiered Promo to come out to push for more sales before that 1.1kAP rebate comes back in, using the 30% bonus cash as a reason for people to recharge in order to take part in this said promo. D:

Lately, Rho and I have picked up another DOTA clone named League of Legend (or short form-ed to LoL XD). Both of us agree that the gameplay is much easier and could be used as a good tool to learn the basics of DOTA-style games. It's much better than starting in DOTA or HoN, which is very unforgiving. It is currently in OB, so anyone can play. Personally, Rho and I feel that they missed a lot of the key elements that makes DOTA much harder, making this version easier. It's a good beginner game, nonetheless.

(Aaro Note~ : She's trying to say that if you've been trying to find her in HoN and couldn't, she's pretty much moved over to LoL now, for lolz. ^^V)