GF Trilogy Final

Because everything pro comes in trilogies, I have deigned that one last post be dedicated to Grand Fantasia, to complete the set.

So, lately, as random old friends from DOMO seem to have all jumped GF, I tend to leave the GF shoutbox open to see what's happening. I didn't screen this conversation, but I never knew he would be my first hater in GF. (Sigh, me for not screening it.) Here is how the convo went:

Pearz: (insert some random crap about Jon.)

Jon: I failed to make my sword two slot + after 3 hours. (Btw: Boohoo. I couldn't even make my boots, let alone slots. >_>)

Pearz: Gawd, I failed my boots 47 times. Made me rage quit.

Jon: Well, I wasted 30 gold coins.

Pearz: I wasted more on those boots with nothing at the end. At least you got some failed swords to auction house. I'm done with GF; I already made a blog post with my review of it.

Mr. Ant: (I don't remember his name; just remember it starts with an "ant". lulz) OMGZ Pearz. If you quit GF then STOP trolling GF shout box.

Pearz: (insert some random satirical comment about it being none of his business.)

Mr. Ant: OMG. Stop trolling SB. I'm here to help nubs, unlike you who's just trolling.

Pearz: (insert some more random satirical banter.)


Rest of box people watching: Mr. Ant, you know you're no less of a troll, doing what you're doing now.

Pearz: lulz. /leaves box to go eat dinner (I came back later and he was gone. T_T)

(Aaro Note~ : Anyone other than me wonder about the validity of this conversation, given Pearz' sudden super satire prowess? >D)

EDIT: Aaro doubt's my satirical prowess (._.) (cooks up evil revenge in Pearzified Saga XD)

So, normally I shrug stuff like this off 'cause it's just +random fans for me. But I have work on Tuesdays and the Megaten SB was boring, so I hopped onto the GF shoutbox again...

While chatting with random people from DOMO, Mr. Ant decided to tell me to leave. (Gawd, this kid is funny.) Apparently, chatting with friends about random crap is trolling too. Hahahahaha~ Gawd, this kid cracks me up. He just kept going and going and everyone ignored him; it was pretty epic. Apparently, my randomly chatting with people is wrong in the GF shoutbox (both times!) - but the rule only applies to me.

To my first hater gained without even playing GF: Cheers!

On other news, with that random chat on Day 2, Ruru (friend from DOMO, runitsthefbi) was talking about GF being hackable. Apparently, there is zero protection on the client files and you can modify it to your heart's content. Amazing stuff. XD *goes to get GM powers*

Final note about GF: All of the people in that shoutbox are so BRAINWASHED. When I said that the MMO sites that gave out keys stated the CB ends on Nov 30th, I got rage dumped on.


1. The MMO sites are wrong (even though they had a release date before the main Aeria site posted it).
2. the GMs are working hard to fix all the bugs and it won't go live until all the bugs are fixed.
3. The game is perfect in every way and any criticism of it is wrong.

Aeria is a business, after all; they won't run a long CB even if CB doesn't end on Nov 30th. Every extra day that they leave it in CB is another day of losing money on a game, since more potential cash players will get bored of it and not come back. That's why the next phase is called Open BETA - that way, it can have bugs. Then, when all the players get used to these bugs, they just go live and pretend they don't exist...and start making money from AP sales. The item mal lwill for sure be implemented before Christmas, why? That's when all the kids get money for a present and a perfect chance for Aeria to nab all that money. That's just how it works; you may be calling me out for passing judgement on the GMs so quickly, but I'd be glad to be proven wrong in this case. It just means that the game might be better for some other players. (Though, I don't know why I care or why they would care to prove me wrong.)

I do still have an urge to just log in and grind the crap out of the game, knowing it is CB and it will get wiped. (that super easy zombifying grind.) God, I'm such a grind whore. (._.)

Unrelated side note: I hit lv91 selling Anti-Melee. Go my new pro levelling method! Weeeeeeee~