Pearzified Saga: Chapter 2

Left standing around, completely lost and puzzled, Rho pondered her next course of action.

This all began with Ogami... Maybe I missed something in that hideout.

Quickly, Rho set off to the Ichigaya Bunker, where Ogami had been killed.


As Rho descended the floors in the elevator, something was off. She began to break open a hole in the elevator's top and bottom.

Now what was an elevator that had only one button to travel down one floor doing with such a huge elevator shaft? It's stretching endlessly into this abyss...


Rho took a deep breath and grabbed the elevator cable to slide down. After what felt like eternity, she had finally reached the bottom.

Quickly blasting open the door, she came to find a room that looked exactly the same as the one Ogami had died in.

Didn't Ogami need that exact statue to perform the summon? Is this a replica?

Walking up to inspect the statue closer, a figure appeared from behind it.

"You should not be here," the man said loudly.

"I appear to have gotten lost. If you would like to direct me to the way out..."

"You could've at least come up with something better. No matter. I'll make sure you get out!"

And then, from the shadows, they appeared.

Assassins - more of those nameless goons. This must mean I'm close to something.
1, 2, 3...? Wait, just how many are there?!

Quickly, Rho ran for the elevator shaft - but the exit had already been blocked by more assassins. She bit her lip, muttering, "God, this will be annoying."

She pulled out her dagger and rushed for her closest target. Tirelessly rushing, one after another, almost blinking around the room and leaving a wake of corpses behind her - within minutes, the room was cleared. She was breathing heavily, and looked to see the man was standing there, very amused.

"I expected nothing less from you, but this is where you meet your..."

The man's neck started to spew blood as he collapsed.

"Silly Cody. You were just as expendable as those assassins."

Sitting on top of the statue was...Aaro. What exactly is going on?

"I saw you dead."

"You thought you saw me dead."

"Just what is this Kingdom Shard?"

"Garbage, just like you. Together, you can be buried for all eternity."

The room started rumbling, as pieces of the ceiling started to fall down.

Oh crap.

Running towards the elevator, she could vaguely hear Aaro laughing hysterically, watching her fruitless attempt to escape.

Then it went black.

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