I Failed...But Won at the Same Time!?

Well, this weekend we had our 3x EXP/NDP/XP Event and so I decided to grind to lv92. I started the weekend at 2% with a bank that looked like this:

(The encircled cards at the upper right corner are B27 cards, and the rest are all Unknown Cards.)

At the end of Day 1, I had failed to reach my goal of achieving lv92 in one day. I got to 70% before the EXP Event ended and I was sad.

Onto Day 2~ I got to lv92. In total, it took me exactly nine 10x Incenses to hit lv92 (so that's around 4.5 hours of grinding for lv92). Each 10x Incense let me do four Assassin Rooms, getting me 145mil EXP in one Incense.

My bank now, after reaching lv92:

(Yeah, I got a Medium Runestone from doing Deep Ichi.)

I think I'm done levelling for a while...or, at least until I sell Athena.

In other news, GF CB is ending. *Le GASP* You mean that I was right!? /acts shocked

Edit I: This just in. GF GM says: "We aren't moving into OB because ALL of the bugs have been fixed. Remember that OB is still a beta. We've been able to prove that our client is stable and the large scale bugs have been fixed so we can open the game up to everyone. "

That line seems familiar, right...? Two for two in these predictions so far; just how far can my ego inflate?! :O

Edit II: HOLY CRAP, I loved that Protopia Survivor. Because of the 3x Event, no one went and thus it was just free farm for me. I walked out with one Scales Zodiac, one Virgin Zodiac, seven sequencers and also a Hanged Man Tarot.