On Grand Fantasia

(Aaro Note~ : I selfishly changed the title.)

So, Grand Fantasia came out last night. I spent roughly 3-4 hours so far in it and I'm just a lowly level 13 hunter. Of my experience so far, I feel it fails due to the same issues that I have with Aion.

There is a lack of player customization. You can't pick your own stats and your skills are bought, so everyone can have every skill, potentially. The only real separating factor is your gear - which, in a F2P game, is how big of a credit card limit you have.

Another problem I have so far is with the jumping. I was like, "OMG OMG I CANZ JUMPZ," bouncing around for 10 seconds before I realized this: I couldn't jump off a cliff and had to walk the long way around. Gawd, that jump is useless.

I haven't noticed anything innovative about the game; it's just another cutesy MMO. I'll get to lv30 for the rewards of CB just in case I change my mind, but my initial thoughts lean towards the "nothing special" side.

In other news, I'm using the goal of selling Pallas Athena with anti-melee as an excuse to level up a bit. I found a new way of levelling that is much, much faster and certainly more cost-effective. Other than the 10x EXP Incense that I use, the rest covers itself in cost. Considering that I only need a total of 22 incenses all the way to 93, it isn't too huge of a cost. What I do is solo farm Unknown Cards for B107 Runs. I can run roughly 5 Deep Ichi floors in one incense. This, combined with the countless B27 cards, lets me farm 5 Unknown Cards in an hour (sometimes less if I get lucky and get a B32 card). With these 5 cards, I run 4 Assassin Rooms while on that single 10x Iincense (I pop the first incense right before room). Each assassin Room gives 3mil base EXP, so then 4 rooms and the 10x Incense = 120mil EXP from the rooms alone. Ergo, 120mil in 1.5 hours of work nets me 20% at lv90... I'm already 40% into lv90 with a little over 2 hours of work~ Gawd, those 10x Incenses are broken. I feel bad for those that grinded to lv93 the hard way.

I added a recent comment thingy to the side; don't know why I didn't add it earlier. (Aaro Note~ : You didn't know about it? =D) Try to use the Name/URL instead of Ano ymous choice (you can put anything you want in the URL). I couldn't find a way to remove the Anonymous tag without removing the Name/URL one too.

tl; dr : So far, I'm not impressed with Grand Fantasia.