So, we got a patch today that included the team-based PVP and some worthless bikes. What they didn't mention at all was ALL NEW SOULSTONESSSSSSSSSZZZZSZZ!

First off, I said that the patch would come in December, so I was off for once. /anklez

The bikes make you do wheelies, screws with my camera, and costs Macca/AP. No thanks; it's like they implemented nothing for me on this front.

Okay, so the team-based PVP seems a little...broken. The team will get sent into queue and if there is no other team, all the single joiners will be stuck on one side facing a premade team. Pretty obvious what the outcome of that is....

I promised Tan(arin?) that I would give Grand Fantasia (a newer Aeria game) a try when CB comes. You're welcome to join and watch me fail, if you want, although most likely I would not want to pick up a new MMO when it actually comes out. They drain too much time and starting a new one to grind/level/waste all my time = (not?) good.

Since in-game descriptions are absolute win, I will make a post on all the stones that were added. (After all, Fifi's post is gone.)

I've been thinking about it for a while and, being the information police I am, I decided to start posting some useful info people might want to know. Unlike Fifi, I will not call it something fluffy like The Demystifying Project; rather, it will be called The Denubbing Project. XD These posts will be posted when I feel like it - but, if you bug me on some specific topic, it might incline me to make a post sooner. (Bug me too much and I'll unleash my wrath upon you, so bug at your own discretion.)

No, I will probably never make a question section. Why? 'Cause I don't like answering random questions; you can always ask me in-game and I probably will answer you right there rather than in a section that will make it feel like a chore. (The Denubbing tag will be added to some of my early posts that might have really relevant info. XD Aaro Note: I expected to do this tagging? <_<)

Thor (Stone is implemented, but Celu Gold is not, so have fun trying to get this stone~)
Tarot: Level limit - 60
+2% Electric affinity
If Law: +3 str +1 Vit

Soul Fusion: Top, Level limit - 75
+5 Str, +3 Magic, 5% to null Electric damage
If Law: +15% Electric Affinity
If Chaos: -15% Electric Affinity

Tarot: Level limit - 60
+1 Str, +1 Magic, -5% electric defense
If Law: +2 Magic

Soul Fusion: Pants, level limit - 65
+2 Str, +2 Magic, -15% electric affinity damage
If Law: level x 0.3 boost to rush
If Chaos: -20% spell damage

Tarot: Level limit - 65
+1 Str, +1 Magic, -5% death defense
If Law: +2 Str

Soul Fusion: Gloves, Level limit - 70
Null Stone
Lvl x 0.25 null Magic Affinity
If Law: +1 Str, +1 Magic
If Chaos: Rush Damage -10%

Tarot: Level limit - 75
+3% spell damage
-5% Fire defense

Soul Fusion: Pants, Level limit - 80
Crit defense +5
+20% spell damage
If Law: Magic ( affinity) and mind affinty +10%
If Chaos: -10 magic (stat), -25% Fire defense

Tarot: Level limit - 60
Crit +5, Crit Defene +5

Soul Fusion: Earing, Level limit - 80
-30% damage from Magica family (greater family)
+2 luck to party

If Law: +5 luck, +20 Crit, +5 crit defenes
If Chaos: -5 luck, -20 crit, -15 Crit defense

Tarot: Level limit - 75
Cast time -1%, Cooldown -2%

Soul Fusion: Weapon, Level limit - 70
+5 Crit, +25% damage to Chaos targets
If Law: -20% damage to Chaos targets
If Chaos: -50% damage to Chaos targets

Beiji Weng
Tarot: Level limit - 80
+7 crit, +7% expel Defense
If Neutral: +1% chance to instant kill targets with instant kill skills

Soul Fusion: Weapon, Level limit - 80
+20% damage to Chaos and law targets
If Law: cooldowns 30% longer
If Chaos: casttime 30% longer

Hanuman (I would so use a full set of these if I was pure melee. XD)
Tarot: Level limit - 65
+3 Str, +1 luck, -2 Vit

Soul Fusion: Ring Level limit - 55
Lvl x 0.1 Force absorb, -25% Magic Affinty Defense
If Neutral: +5% spin, +10% FOrce damage

Lilith (The stone is implemented, but demon - or rather, the plugin - is not.)
Tarot: Level limit - 75
Negotiation +2% success rate
+2 Magic
+5 MP

Soul Fusion: Talisman, Level limit - 75
Acquire skill: Whisper of Temptation (not sure if that's the EN translation of the name of the skill; it is a negotiation skill.)
If Neutral: +1 magic, +1 int, Null sleep, Null Charm

Tarot: Level limit - 30
+5% success on landing stone

Soul Fusion: Face, Level limit - 40
+1 magic, +50% success on landing stone

Wu Kong
Tarot: Level limit - 30 (lv30 limit on a lv93 demon lulz)
+2 str, lvl x 0.02% chance to reflect fire damage

Soul Fusion: head, Level limit - 30
+5% damage to weapon dependant skills (IE gunner/ melee skills)
If under 50% HP: +5% damage to weapon dependant skills
If Chaos: +10% spin, +20% cooldown on spin

Bishamonten (This stone is not new, but the effect was changed slightly.)
Soul Fusion: 60% longer cooldown from spin ( changed from 120...or was it 80 originally...?)

Onamuchi (It's an amazing stone for gunners and shot mages. D:)
Tarot: Level limit - 45
+1 speed, +2% spread affinity

Soul Fusion: Pants, Level limit - 40
+1 speed, -10% cast time on shot skills
If Chaos: +5% rapid and shot

Lamia (This is an amazing alternative for null charm.)
Tarot: Level limit - 30
+5% success on charm

Soul Fusion: Ring, Earring, Extra, Level limit - 30
+5% to Nerve affinity
If Neutral or chaos: null bind and null charm

Vetala (If you really wanna be nerve-based, then you can go slaughtering Oses in PVP. XD)
Tarot: Level limit - 30
+3% nerve resistance, -2hp

Soul Fusion: Weapon, Level limit - 30
Change weapon to nerve affinity

Phantom (This is extreme death. D:)
Tarot: Level limit - 80
+3% death defense, +3% death affinity, -5% cooldown on death based skills

Soul fusion
Soul Fusion: Shoes, Level limit - 80
+3 Magic, +5% death defense, -3% expel defense
If Chaos: +20% rush damage, -30% cast time on suicide skills

New Soul stone sets:
Scathach + Chuchulain stone = +20% magic (affinity) damage

Btw, I tested one of the modding stuff: it doesn't look like we got the new mod stuff stealth-patched for higher modding. D:
I'll post 3rd chapter of the story some time this week, when I'm a little less lazy. D:

Oh yeah: if any of you are wondering why the FCs all royally fail lately... It's cause they have no choice. The only good new stuff you would be looking forward to is the MI set. Everything else is garbage (stat-wise) and they were NOT stealth-patched into our game (the tradelist doesn't show it), so we're not getting anything new and good anytime soon. Suck it up, and if you really need to spend money, then just give it to me. XD

If you want something to do: Elona Shooter. I blame Tan(...arin?). Linked me once and, God, it was addicting. I played it all night. D: (Made it to Day 85 before realizing I should go to sleep...)