Chapter 4 : Collection

The room fell silent again, this time for Rho to contemplate her next course of action. Staring at the unconscious Lndi still on the floor, she thought of an idea.

Wham. Rho tossed another brick at Lndi.

That should wake her up.

"Oh, my love, I feel as though you were right here. This throbbing feeling all over my body must be my heart aching for more," came the proclamation as Lndi instantly popped up.

"She's already gone, but she said something extremely interesting about you," Rho said as she tried to contain her evil laughter.

"TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL MEEEEEEEEEE!" Lndi ran over to Rho's side.

"I'll tell you what it was, but only after you do a few simple tasks for me."

"Tell me and it will be done!"

"Get the doctor in here. I want to know exactly how I'm doing."

Without a reply Lndi jetted out the door.

At least I'm rid of that psycho for a while. Hm, so it is a key, huh? Sigh, Pearz for creating more questions. I'll beat her silly later.

"Someone called for me?" A man wearing a doctors coat was followed closely behind by Lndi as they entered the room.

"You're the doctor, I presume? How am I doing? How soon can I get out of here?" Rho questioned.

"My name is Shiki. You're doing just fine. Your body healed quite fast while you were unconscious. Physically, you should be good to go. That aching feeling is just you not moving for while; your muscles just haven't been used in a while. Here, look at these." Shiki pulled some photos out of his pocket.

"Um... Why do you have photos of me sleeping? Answer carefully. They may be your last words" Rho stared intently at Shiki.

"Don't worry about it too much. I have photos of ALL OF YOU - even Lndi here. It's part of my collection. Oh, don't worry - I have better ones of you in my secret stash."

Rho tried to lunge at Shiki but just fell short. Lndi stood still, stunned by the fact that some of the pictures of in Shiki's hand were of her.

Sigh, my body is not moving like it should yet.

"I WON'T LET YOU DEPRIVE ME OF MY COLLECTION!" Shiki cried, running off while laughing maniacally.

Sigh, this entire hospital is psycho.

"SO, SO, SO, SO, WHAT DID SHE SAY ABOUT ME!? TELLL MEEEEEEEEE!" Lndi has forgotten about the pictures already, now standing over Rho.

"She said she secretly loves you, but was too scared to admit it. I think she wants you to try harder," Rho replied as she got up carefully.

This will teach her to screw with me.

Lndi ran off, screaming gleefully just like a little girl. Rho slowly left the hospital while exercising her arms.

My body seems to feel better. I should be fine by the time I get there.