Chapter 3: Psycho


"She...useful when...comes."


What's happening? Where am I?

Rho rolled over and slowly opened her eyes, only to see some blurry shadows in the hallway.

"Do whatever you want, but you know you will regret this decision," one of the shadows proclaimed as it walked off. The other shadow paced for a moment before turning and walking away as well.

God, my body aches. I can barely move.

Rho almost faded out again, but awoke slightly when she heard approaching footsteps.

I wonder if this is one of those people speaking... Either way, I'll sneak a peak.

Rho quickly squinted to clearly see a nurse fixing the blinds.

Maybe I can get some answers, at least.

She pretended to awaken slowly to attract attention from the nurse. It worked; the nurse quickly walked over to her side.

"You're finally awake. You've been asleep for a while."

"How long was I here for? Where am I? Who brought me here?" Rho was anxious for some answers.

"We're in Babel General Hospital. My name is Lndi and you've been here for 2 weeks now. You came here in pretty bad shape, but I made sure you were well taken care of. After all, Pearz brought you here, so how could I treat you badly?"

"Then what are these scratch and bite marks all over my arms and body? It's like someone had a vendetta against me."

"It-it-it-it wasn't me! I-I-I-I... It was the rats - yes, those pesky rats..."

Rho blankly stared at the nurse.

How stupid does she think I am? I'll repay her later when my strength is back.

"Can you get Pearz here then? We have much to discuss."

"Sure! I can get her here SUPER FAST," Lndi said with a huge smile.

Rho watched as Lndi pulled out some sort of spotlight machine and moved to open the window. The symbol shone brightly in the sky. She then proceeded to pull out another device - a megaphone. After a bit of fiddling, it started blaring loudly, "PEARZ, I LOVE YOU, PLEASE COME TO ME," repeatedly.

Oh, great. I got some whackjob Pearz-obssessed psycho as a nurse.

Shortly thereafter, Rho heard a loud roar outside.

BAM. The nurse was sprawled on the floor with a brick stuck in her face.

"God, she's as annoying as ever," said the familiar voice from the hallway.

"Pearz, I hope you came with some answers," Rho quickly said, not having to look up to recognize the voice.

"Some things I can't tell you yet," Pearz said as she took a seat on the unconscious nurse, who was at this time spurting blood from her forehead.

"Well, we can start off easy. How did I end up here?"

"Simple. I knew where you were going to go, so I dug you out of that rubble and saved your sorry ass. Then again, it's not hard to hear the explosion when that bunker was so close to Babel. You're lucky to be alive."

"What is this Kingdom Shard? You must know something about it."

"Simply put, it's a key."

"A key to what?"

"This is where conversation ends. We can't have our eavesdropper know, too." Pearz quickly lunged out the window.