Fortunes Fixed?

So, the "broken" Fortunes were apparently fixed in an emergency maintenance today. So, here's the weekly Fortune review:

Accesorize FC - 300 AP; Score - 8/10
Lots of new stuff in this one: pretty much all of the items are new stuff. In general, I find this to be a decent fortune. Mainly because the Garm ears IMO are the first decent headgear in game. Yay! The rings aren't bad either; boosting your damage by 10%. And, also, the hairstyles do look good. The only really disliked items in this fortune are the scarf and the headband. The one biggest upside I see to this fortune is that, from what I've heard, the "rare" swords are not extremely rare. Hearing people opening a lot of the Death blade. This is always good; it means people are less frustrated with the Fortune and are at least getting what they want. *cough cough unlike the Fat Chance Fortune cough cough* So: a decent fortune, lots of fancy new stuff that seem universally liked - and biggest upside, you actually can get what you want (considering you're paying real money for it; it's about time <.<).

Exp Bonus FC - 150 AP; Score - 2/10
Wow, what a fail of a Fortune. When they "fixed" the Fortune Cards, I think they forget to fix this. So, here we have syringes (decent, I guess), same old fillers of balms threads (okay). Now, the bulk of it is the combined incense of experience and some stat. This is why these incenses fail. The cost of a 2x incense is 100AP, 75AP if it's packaged in 5. You can get the stat incense for 150 for 5. So when combined, these should be worth around 100-130AP/k each. So you got the bulk of the fortune card where the syringes and half the fillers are worth barely AP to macca in value. Only problem is these stuff don't sell in game. No one really wants any of the stuff in the Fortune Card. This means anyone opening it will be aiming purely for the spear or scatter. Basing it off the last 150AP fortune with weapons in it, the rates for it won't be pretty. So you end up with a bunch of useless filler items that you can't even resell in game for a bit of money. I don't even think anyone opened this Fortune since it was added today. End of story, this Fortune fails; if you really want a scatter or spear that badly, just buy it in game for AP. Probably end up spending less in game paying AP then trying your luck on this Fortune.

As for me, this is the earliest I've been finished with Fortunes. I got a spiffy new hairdo, spiffy ears, and a not-so-spiffy ring. All without recharging. ^_^ The Death blade is decent, but don't care too strongly about it. I'll buy it if I see a decently-priced one floating, so I don't blatantly overpay like the ears I bought. At least they're spiffy right?