Sigh~ New Fortunes Again?

So, the Fortunes came out before the patch actually came out - though, as you can guess, they were very much hated. It is a day late cause I was too stunned by the new Fortunes to post yesterday. So, let's get started on these horrid things:

Choices FC - 600AP; Score - 3/10

So, this Fortune Card has 13 different vouchers: sounds good, right? Wrong. All the weapon vouchers are just old skins and models of existing weapons (that are NPC items, btw), and just add a different effect. Talk about cutting corners. Sad part is: the effects are junk too. All of them give a measly 10% boost to something (spin, rapid, or +10 magic). These effects are so small that it's neglectable. The most epic of the weapons is the mistranslation of this item:

(Yeah, I stole this pic, but it clearly outlines how I feel.) So the weapons = epic fail. The armour vouchers are the only thing that is "redeeming" about these fortunes. The Goma and Enma boots are half-baked, and, for demon lovers, a real treat. (I'm not one of those people.) Always nice to get some bonus stats for your demon. The Ice and Fire Pants/Gloves are epic fail. Don't know why anyone would want those for uselessly low boosts, so I'm just gonna skip them. I could see the usefulness of Curative Pants, and the magic-boost gloves. The gloves use the same model as the Rider Gloves, so they look decent and the boosts on these are something new. We arrive at the only real new items: the headphones and hairband. The headphones look nice, and it's always nice to get better (and new) head-equip items. A +3 magic on a nice looking item is just icing on the cake. It's the only real good item in this whole Fortune Card. As for filler items: you get lots of stuff that can't even come close to reselling at the 600AP = 600k value, other than maybe your 12 2x experience (that would take a while to sell). End of story: you get one good item in whole Fortune, so you better pray you're lucky, 'cause everything else is junk.

Hot and Cold FC - 300AP; Score 0/10

(rofl Yeah, I didn't think it was possible, but Aeria astounds me.)
Let's start out with "I can't believe this?!" You thought that that spin gun was hilarious, and this is just sad. It is a Fortune Card that was supposedly aimed at mages, but I think even mages find this disgusting. For 300AP, you get a chance at the pochi weapon (Special Aaro Note~! : Yeah, it's the Pachipachiou. But Pearz' version of it was too cute to correct), which was supposed to be the "o my gawds, amazing must-have item!" ...Except, it's not. Even on its first release, it barely sold for 10 sequencers after a week of selling. Reintroducing an item that wasn't liked as best prize isn't that spectacular. Now we look at the fillers, and all I can say is: "How is ANY OF THIS worth 300AP?!" Seriously, every single filler item is something that doesn't sell and no one wants. They are all items that rot in your bank for all eternity, or you decide to finally delete it for wasting space. Sad thing is that the BEST item in this fortune card is the 10 balms you could potentially get for 300AP. Even if you set this Fortune Card at 100AP, people would barely buy it. This is the worse fail of a Fortune Card ever. Bad top prize + horrid fillers + horrid price = are you sure you weren't high when you decided this? Anyone that buys this Fortune Card has either way too much IRL money, or has some serious issues.

So, this week's Fortune Cards gets the "Pearz' Worst Week Ever of FCs" Stamp of Approval. Good job putting the worst week after the best week's Fortune Cards to make the contrast feel even greater. It might take a while to outdo this week's fortunes.

Also since I posted late, they also added new items to Web Item Mall (no doubt to curb their zero sales from fail Fortune Cards). Here is the list of the new stuff:

~Male / Female Dominion Wings (White) - At 8kAP, talk about robbing you right under your nose. These will just be overshadowed later with Angel Wings that add stats too, or the wings even later that let you float. If you really like them so much, then go ahead and waste your money - otherwise, be smart and steer clear of these.

~Crystal Sword - Wow, with 4kAP, you can buy a 5-slotted version in game. Why waste your time buying the Item mall one? All this one has is more max dura, but that is NOT worth the huge difference in price tag.

~Male Skull Jersey (Green) /Female Skull Jersey (Brown) - Fail, don't buy this, ever...

~Ogre Horns (Male/ Female) - Striped, coloured horns? You're better off sticking with the Garm Ears or the new headphones. But, then again, whatever floats your boat... (At least they're not horridly expensive, and if you like them, it's not a bad price.)

~Kyoji Boots (Male) / Reiho Boots (Female) - This set was always nice and rare. Cheap price tag for the boots, which is a good buy if you like them.

~Male Hair Type (Kyoji) / Female Hair Type (Reiho) - Again, cheap price tag, though I don't like them. They're nice for the price, so if you like them, you should go ahead and get yourself a new hair style.

So there's some nicely-priced new stuff, and some WTF stuff that you shouldn't touch. You should also take advantage of the sale and maybe get that Avalon that you always wanted or restat. Lowered prices on good stuff is always a thumbs up.