Melee + Law = Win?

So, to start off, here is a brief rundown of alignment choices for different classes. Because of this, it is now PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that I should move to Law from my current Chaos-ness.

If it isn't obvious, then tough luck; I'm weird like that and see a different meaning within the same words. So, for next week and half, I get to slowly donate to the church and have my power-levelling service paralyzed since my Skadi costs me 3k mags and the Garunda that I fused already costs me 3.7k mags.

Another random note, 'cause Rho was crying to me about it, look here:

Basically, Rho has been getting PMs about being my "lackey" (lulz?), and she's been crying to me about how she's not my lackey. So now I have to post this or she goes emo on me. Notice I'm the real lackey. I'm not the guild leader or even good enough to be a sub. D: (And Aari is just a mule, and even she outshines me.) Special Aaro Note! : Aari is MY special mule. ^^

So end of story, I iz da rael nubz (also pretty clearly obvious by my choice to move to Law).