Blast From Pearz Past : Aaro Edit II

For one thing, "sharing" exp and getting the same amount regardless can't be called leeching. Case in point: Pearz would be getting 100k from the acts whether or not Aaro+Rho (Rharo? ^^) were there. For another thing, this was before Pearz became the super kewl chick she is today - this was back when she got herself killed by attacking the smaller Decarabria in Kingdom Run. Just a thought.

Also. She managed to get both herself and Rho killed doing Surt anyway. She chose to rush it constantly, it decided to attack, Rho wasn't paying attention, Aaro ran away to "regroup", and there you have it. Complainer. >_>

As for Act 16 - ha-ha, that one was funny. It was No Death Penalty during that time, and we had about an hour left before it ended. So we decided to go rush Act 16! I didn't want to lose exp, and at that time I was the only one that could kill Ogami. I carefully noted down the locations of all the switches - and, more importantly, all the NPCs that we would need to talk to. I made sure to let both Rho and Pearz know in advance when an NPC was ahead, so that we wouldn't have to backtrack. But then we got to the Boss Room and the guy wouldn't let us in. o_o Pearz went back, died loads of times, talked to everyone again...and still nothing. Glitch?! We gave up in the end and Pearz soloed it at a later time. Ogami was surely fun for her lowly 20-something nature.

(I'll come always to comment on Pearz' horrible, terrible, unforgiveable lies. [Sounds like kinky pr0n.])

~Aaro off