Fortune Cards!

Weekly review of Fortune cards time~ Starting off, I am super happy that I got my hands on the Black Medical Voucher. Totally off-topic...but, in my mind, it's related to everything now. (Yes, I am insane.)

Friendly FC - 300AP, Personal Score - 5/10, (Attempt at) Unbiased Score - 7.5/10

Okay, so there is a huge gap in the scores here, between what I think and looking plainly at just the items in the Fortune Card. The reason my personal score is lower is because it hasn't been over a week or two since cups and mirrors were removed from Fortune Cards and here they are again. The GMs aren't even trying to come up with new stuff; they're just recycling stuff. That is why I personally rate the Fortune Card lower.

For purely just the items in the Fortune Card, it's not bad. This time, you get your choice of melons or mirrors/cups as the top prize. This means you're likelier to get what you want if you hit the top prize, rather than get only 100 cups and then trade them off one at a time. For 300AP, most the stack sizes for prizes are above the AP:Macca Ratio. This means chances are that you can sell this stuff for more money than just buy stuff from the Item Mall and selling those. It's always good to get good filler stuff. The only crap item is the incense + stat for demons. Who uses a demon to kill? Those items (IMO) is pretty much throwing away your AP. Overall, you got good filler stuff and decent top prize. It's a good Fortune Card - just too soon to be readded, since it was just removed...

That's Not A Knife FC - 300AP, Score - 5/10

What I think defines a Fortune card is not how good the top rare is, it's what happens when you fail to get those top rares and stuck with the filler items. Here is a Fortune Card with an example of this. The top prizes everyone wants (the 3 weapons and royalty sword) are barely showing up. Not very many people are opening the real "goodies" of the fortune card - meaning, you're mostly stuck with filler stuff. The archives: I haven't seen any yet, so I can't comment if they're good or not. But the rest of the fillers are mostly junk. The Eco HP/MP for a demon? What is that JUNK?! HP heals? MP heals? More earrings that won't ever sell and can rot in your bank forever? The balms, EXP Incense, threads and repair tools are decent, but half the fillers are stuff that you will never, ever use.

As always, low odds on top prize = bad. Crappy fillers that not only can't get you the AP:Macca Ratio, but also can't even sell for a bit of macca back? That's just fail.
People are just too engrossed with the fact that they can get a zomgz sword on their back and oversized weapons. The rates are bad anyways. <.<

So, long story short, both FCs barely get a passing grade. I mean, it's a step-up from last week's Fortunes and if we follow the FC trend, then that means next week we get an awesome-possum FC. Anyways, we can hope right?