Fun Month Is Over?

So Fun Month is officially over. As such, now we're not allowed to have fun. :O

For starters, now that Fun Month is over, the weekend events poof up in smoke again. Don't expect to see them for a while, 'cause we're not allowed to have fun anymore and events = fun. Hope everyone is taking the chance to cash in on their AP rebate. You can get up to 5kAP rebate if you were unsatisfied with Fun Month. I'm pretty sure everything wasn't 100% peachy, like Fortune Cards failing you (as they seem to always do), or maybe the lack of No Death Penalty weekends anymore, or maybe they still have yet to release any said content in like 4-5 months since Megaten Open Beta began. Tons of reason why you didn't have fun, and you should take advantage of free 5kAP rebate since, as a company, they are expecting everyone to cash in on it.

On other note, supposedly we will get our "biggish" patch within the month of May. Although, I doubt it will be added until either last week of May or more likely mid-June. The release on the content in the patch seemed more like we're being tossed some bait cause they can't release it yet. Just lead us on a bit so we stick around and not get bored knowing that the release date is still far away. Yes, I'm hugely paranoid of anything and everything.

Last note: 'cause I never reviewed it, here are the items added the web-based Item Mall directly.
Guitar = Overpriced
Avalon = Underpriced (by far, best magic bullet gun)
White hair = Be kool and follow everyone else to fit in
Gold hair = "You can look like someone took a piss on your head." - Jeen

Nice and simple.