Another Week of Another Set of New Fortunes

So new Fortunes again this week. With it comes the elusive Rider that I (and many others) have been oggling.

Let's Ride - 300AP; Score- 9/10
There is actually quite a bit of new stuff in this Fortune Card. When we look at this, everyone instantly looks to try on the brand new (and coveted) Rider sets. Sneaky Aeria decides to only add in the two "less liked" Rider Coats and leave out the super-duper-wanted white Rider Coat; very sneaky. Nonetheless, the Rider Coats are in and the rates on the vouchers seem higher than in previous Fortune Cards, and so many people are getting the voucher that they want. The Royal Scepter of Demon Blood is an amazing support wand, giving 20% boost to curative - and also using one of my favourite base models. I really like how it looks and the stats are impressive. The last new item is the Club of Rashomon. Stats-wise it's amazing, paralleling the White Fang - problem lies in the fact that I hate blunt weapons. Personal taste, but clubs and hammers are too...blunt, lacking the elegance of a sword or spear. That's more personal preference, so stats-wise it's amazing. As for filler items: you got a lot of Incense of Experience,which is always good, and the return of the Sprite Charm (which everyone that does Ichi Gold should want). Only thing dragging down this Fortune are the awful rings that no one really wants. So long to short: amazing items everyone likes, combined with high odds and decent fillers make a good Fortune.

Scabbard and Napalm - 150AP; Score - 7/10
I feel bad for this Fortune Card. Released with the Rider Set fortune, no one will even give it much of a second glance. It is a good fortune, just overshadowed so badly by the Rider outfits. Basically this Fortune was like last week's Experience Fortune Card - except with a slight twist. The combined incenses are back (the ones that I still dislike), but the twist to it is rather good. They added in scabbards of some of the less - and harder to get - elements. This could be useful for getting weakness on enemies that you would likely have to otherwise remake a whole new weapon for. The naplams that most people write off instantly are extremely useful for mages and gunners to take agro off them for a while, to be able to charge a spell. The one huge gem in this Fortune Card is the brand new gun, Gamic-20. This thing is absolutely amazing. As a gunner, you throw in a Setana stone and watch Quillins get murdered by it. Amazing if you wanna go for Floor 107 of Ichi Gold. A second, more hidden use is for mages. You could soul stone a Pyro Jack stone for the 20% boost to magic-base, for a cool pew-pew gun as a mage (I would so do that if I was a mage). Too bad this fortune is overlooked, and maybe one - at most, two - of these guns will be opened.

As for me, I acquired both the Rider vouchers (yayz) and am pretty much done with these Fortune Cards (unless someone actually sells the gun). Now, to see what crazy way Aeria is gonna released the white Rider Outfit...