Pearz' Pure Randomness

Rawr~ Going to be pretty random, so here goes:

1) Realizing that my asking price for the Medical Voucher would be out of this world, I opened it. After all, I do prefer to look unique, so I thought I might as well wear it until I get bored of it (and then sell it).

2) So I took an IQ test at 4am in the morning here. Apparently, I have an IQ of 139. Yay for more ego inflation?

3) I finally reached Law today. Now to see how I badly (or well) I do when PVP arrives, which, supposedly, is coming next week. I'm a skeptic, so I think that when next week comes, they will just make an excuse as to why they failed to add it. Though, in a post I made a month ago, I did predict that the earliest we would get it was the last week of May (and, more likely, mid-June), so we see now how good I am at predicting this stuff. :O

4) Added a new link on the side to Force's list of soul stones. It's semi-complete and almost all accurate. It's a nice link to look up the all the soul stone effects, so you can stop asking me.

5) Had a huge revelation this week. Even with all the negative things I usually say about Megaten, I realized that I actually liked the way the Megaten GM team were handling the Item Mall. The older in-game rares have stayed rare and were not whored out for a quick buck. Back in DOMO, a week after a new hot rare (of which only a couple versions were handed out - and even then, as a Top Spender or with the low-odds Mystery Chests) was introduced, they would just dump it in the Item Mall or a cheap-tiered promo. What once was the hottest rare item then became just another nub item. It was a really big kick in the ass for those spending big bucks to look unique...only to have everyone else have it, too, a week later - and for a fraction of the cost. So, good job to you, Megaten team.

6) This is how almost all of the offers I get are like. And when I turn them down flat out, they wonder why and hate me 'cause I won't trade them.