Blast from Pearz Past : Part 2

So, last I left off, I had finally gotten my DB license, and was sent off to the big scary city, Shinjuku Babel. I remember spam-clicking through the two churches talking (I mean, who didn't? D:), and then somehow succeeded in guessing all of one church right and failing the other.

This where I started soloing some of the acts, like the Fenrirs and the Powers (I died a good 10 times doing this one). Rho and Aaro wanted to leech exp from my Kingdom Run, so I had to share that. D: This is where we get to the Surt Fight. Rho and Aaro wouldn't let me try and solo it, even though they were convinced I would fail (damn exp leeches). They claimed that even if I did succeed, I would take forever.

Then we get to Act 14. Collecting the charms was a nightmare. I spent an hour killing those things and none of them dropped me any damn charms. It was Aaro that came later and killed a couple...and got all the charms in 10 minutes. (God, my luck sucks. <.<) For the Ogami Run, Rho and Aaro were so convinced I would fail that they wagered me some large amount of money (small now, but it was huge back then). I did make it to the elevator before time ran out but - being first try at it - I didn't know the mechanics well enough to be able to breeze through in 20 minutes.

Act 15, as always, Aaro and Rho wanted to leech but decided not to help me with the buttons. I ended up spending roughly two and a half hours soloing it all. I remember running out of pots and had to wait for the moon to change to buy more. XD Act 16 was more exp leeching, and I wasn't given the chance to solo it...again.

So~ Long story short, Aaro and Rho leeched all my Act exp. <.<
Final part later... It's boring, anyway.