Rho's theory on the recent "Community Spotlight"

Community Spotlight: Archetype Guilds
Sunday, March 14 2010 - 10:00 AM
You'll find the Spotlight here.

"As part of our ongoing effort to thank our amazing community for all the time and energy they have put into making Allods a success we would like to dedicate this week’s Community Spotlight to some of the amazing Archetype Guides that our players have written and posted in our forums.

These guides are extremely thorough, well written and offer a great deal of advice for both new and veteran players alike. Whether or not you are playing that particular archetype, or simply would like to get an idea of what your competition is up to, check them out and let the writers know what a great job they are doing!"

Before we continue, let me take a moment here.

~elevator music~

~violent laughing can be heard in the background~

~Celine Dion sings "My heart will go on"~

~more elevator music~

Okay I'm back.

So basically, in order to sound 'involved' the GMs decided to toss rocks and pick up some random guides in the forums and front-page it for the world to see.

Unfortunately there were only six classes, I guess the rest of us are playing the wrong game; that or hackers are secretly adding content.

I'd like to point out just how much the GMs know about their game:
Necromancer: Lawful’s Necromancer Guide – by lawful
Must be the content adding hackers again, CAN'T ANYONE STOP THEM?!

Anyway, thats not the focus of my post;
As the title states, Rho has a theory. Now Rho's theorys aren't as well woven and deep like Pearz' so don't expect that, Rho can only pick up very obvious things within her frontal conal viewports.

The GMs are front-paging trash guides in an effort to lower the overall competence of the Allods populace ultimating in more people dying and an increased average buying of perfumes!

You don't think it's true? Lemme ask you this:
Why would I want to follow the guide of a Pally who decided his class was weak&underpowered and rolled a Healer in OB?

That is all.

~*+ Rho