Pearz' Official Give away Event

So its been quite some time since the Snake cave was added yet I can't seem to motivate myself to even try it. As such that marks any chance of any return to MT. With this I decided to give out my gear. I decided to reward the loyal followers of my blog and friends rather then just handing out to random strangers so everything related to this giveaway will be on this blog only. Here is a small tip, you tell your friends and more people will know, hence less chance you can win. Just a tip

This how it works, I was considering just handing out a chunk to my guild, but I realize I don't know most people in guild anymore hence anyone that FEELS they know me and I know them, drop a message here and you can get item of your choice from the Low tier section. I'll start running random events at random times with first person to finish gets a prize. (random = when It's convenient for me) IF you feel you are SUCH A PRO FRIEND and can get a high tier prize, you can try for that too

I will update this post as items starts leaving Here is list I compiled of stuff I have: You can also add in anything from my trade list.

High Prize:
Blue angel suit (thoth, bettle juice) - Indi
Rashmon (thoth, chuchu, 8CLR/0/5CLR) -Indi
Rashmon (Kali, Aeros, 8CLR/1Crit/3Force) - Michi
Kyoko (thoth, scales, (10/5/7/3/3,blunt and CLR) - Michi
Mailbreaker (thoth, Aquan (10/3/3/3/3, CLR, crit, Ice)
Mint Light purple (Thoth, Magic base Zodiac) - Azuno- hasnt picked up
Conviction (thoth. Beiji Weng, CLR 8, XPL 3)
FlameHorn (nothing, Gyuuki, 5/0/2, CLR and fire) - Only reason I owned one was for Ichi gold not PVP so low mods on it- Xed
Thunder Fang( earthy, empty, 9CLR/0/3Thunder)
30 mil ish ) - ( for alca hasn't picked up)
hanged man tarot - (Compact hasn't picked up)
23 sequencers-Indi -hasnt picked up
Anti-melee - Shin

Low Prize:
Holy charm ( thoth, lilith)
Mithra roar (thoth, uriel) - Shiki
Mithra roar( thoth, Lamia) - Shiki
BD earring CLR( thoth, Kuri-hime)
Sword comp F
Melee eyepatch (thoth, Virtue)
192 Incense of Strength - Indi
36 cups of emptyness
21 ultimate summon orbs
1 scales zodiac - Azuno
10 2x cabs - Indi
18 5x cups - Indi
3 link melons
3 OH melons
6 hyper repair kits
24 normal repair kits
28 Str syringes
9 balms
10 FM mirors
Santa skirt (thoth, scath) - Sakura
Heavenly snow (thoth, water bearer) - (Cody)
Blue angel skirt (thoth, skadi) - Indi
Powered gloves (thoth, athena)
Roping scarf (thoth, Expel zodiac) - (Amica)
Pretty much everything on my trade list (minus beach wave, and black medic that sold and hang man tarot + anti melee thats on high tier)

O ya reward for first person seeing this post (IE, most frequent /lucky viewer, 1 high tier prize, respond first comment)