More Randomness?

We have finally been able to start Heroics raids. Slowly gearing ourselves up, but still a way to go to catch up to some of the other players. At least were getting there, sigh, those other guilds and their more level 40s

1) So on Saturday, I picked up the news paper and saw this article. (just online version of it, I have paper version) I was so surprised to see an article with Allods in it, was screamed ZOMGZ!1!!

2) Have been neglecting my NDS and realized alot of new games came out that I have to play. The new Phoenix Wright game, Ragnarök DS, the new Megaten game: strange Journey, Infinite space, and Rooms: The main building. Don't know how long it wil ltake me to get through all these games but it sure will occupy a lot of my time

3) So by far my favorite anime this winter season was Durarara. Loved the surprise appearance of 2 of the main characters from Baccano (since same maker). Really enjoying this anime, only 2 more eps left.

4) Picked up also watching The Office (somthing random I can watch as I do raids) since I don't need to pay attention to it; Just listen mainly. Though first season was garbage, though it picked up in the later seasons. It's less bad now

5) So it took a while, but I found online radio for chinese music. For those that don't know real cantonese Radio is all talk shows. 9/10 are pure talking shows with last one being news So I was pretty ecstatic when I found this. It players canto, mando, and jap music but it's alright.

6) If you haven't noticed, I have realized normal ASCCII emoticons are not doing me justice. I have decided to start using onion heads to better display my EMOtions. I'll keep using them till I get bored