Soez a short update on Allods

So last couple posts were on Allods, but more randomness rather basic introduction/update about Allods.

So as of right now our guild only has a couple people. Rho, Aaro, Force, Cherisia, Kaitri, Maho and me. Of the couple of us, 4 of us hit level 40 and we have begun our astral ship building (that will take at least another month or 2 to finish).

As we wait for our astral ship, you get to do daily instance quests called Heroics to shorten your astral ship build time. Problem is we require a full 6 man level 40 team to do Heroics. Hence we decided to open up recruitment to find some fresh blood to help fodder for us in Heroics ^_^.

So that is about it. Now that I/we are 40, we log in do some daily repeat quests, then fail the Heroics (since we don't have enough people). That is pretty much it. Though I haveto revise a much earlier statement about leveling in Allods. It is actually pretty fast to hit that cap. Probably couldn't even hit level 95 in MT in time it takes to max level in Allods. Haz fun grinding to the impossible level 97 XD

Hopefully we can find some fresh meat to get up to 40 to help us in our end game content.