Event #1 +2

Soez first event will be simple

1) Name the FC I hated the most out of every FC ever released. First person to name correctly gets a Top tier. If no one can guess it, low tier prize to closest guess.
Event Won = Indi
FC - Fat Chance 150 AP
It carried the Zero, white fang, scatter SG, and pochi blade which were the biggest thing to happen to MT at that time. I dumped alot of IRL money on FC to get fillers that were so garbage I literally deleted a chunk of it. Add that piss off to the fact that I couldn't even obtain it in game due to rarity. I ended up paying vastly ( around 30 mil worth which is alot at that time) for that white fang and never even got a chance at that zero. To much grief ~sigh

2)Which do you think is my favorite blog post I made? Name it by the date/title. Same deal top if correct and first, low tier for closest.

(only 1 onion head today, I'm lazy)