Event 3

Been a while since last event, but I was busy. So here is the 3rd event:

Make a post somewhere on Aeria forums The post must include the Phrase "Pearz iz Awesumz"

The most awesumz invoative post made will win a top tier prize

The posts must last at least 10 hours, to give me and others a chance to see it

Link me the posts in comments

BTW: Event 2 had no winner. I love most my posts but 1 post of mine stood out the most as my favourite. the correct answer was this post. I loved it so much I got agitated when Aaro posted shortly after with a long post making my favourite post pushed down. My agitation was shown by Aaro reposting part of that post as a new post a couple days later.
It had a perfect combination of my thoeries, seriousness and an epic picture of Sinco saying I'm the only 1 to beat him. Hard to compete with that

I'll pick a best answer to win a lower tier prize a bit later