Two-Day Late GM Q&A

I realize that the GM Q&A was two days ago, but I'm lazy and love procrastinating. So, to begin, I was actually PICKED FIRST for the questionings. :O

On to Question #1: Demon Requests.

As you can see, there's no change in the answer.

Question #2: Abyss Cloaks.

Though it seems like they've evened out now, over 10 Abyss Cloaks were opened on that first day - and all male. It was a bit fishy.

Question #3:

The Abyss Set is not coming out anytime soon.

That concluded my questions. Royce's turn:

At least there's some good news. Not in Aeria's business model means we shouldn't see anything priced at $800...I hope.

Also! We are finally getting new Comps this month, after all this time.

We also have a random question about magnetite farming.

Therefore, the solution to farming Mag is to buy AP - and spam luck incense, too...

On a final note: this blog does not make list of AWESOMENESS. (._.)

QQ /anklez