J Megaten Is Shutting Down Soon?

So, if you guys haven't been keeping up with Finella's blog of late: you can get a green penis as a demon for ~$800USD. On top of this, they've start to sell rings that'll give you EXP directly. For reference: lv96-97 requires 41 billion EXP (whereas lv1-90 is only 2 billion).

Basically, the J-Server will end soon, and so will any future content updates that you can even hope for, for our version.

(Aaro Disclaimer~ : From what I've seen, this is a rumour. It's basically that current events, especially the EXP rings and absurd pricing for IM items, are seen as the beginning of the end.)

Other than this, there's been nothing much lately: I join PVP matches, farm some BP, get bored after a match or two, and then go either S4 or DOTA.

So when Dantine says that Act 36 is in production... In reality, the GMs are making their own Act Events...

Okay, so now the FC Review:

The Jewels FC - 150AP
Top prize - Lots of much needed consumables = 9/10.
Medium prize - Decent amounts of the same consumables = 8/10.
Fillers - Trust melons and perfumes are really useless. Otherwise, it's all decent, so = 8/10.

Overall = 8/10.

Good Stuff FC - 600AP (JP version of this FC)
Top Prize - New set, new stuff = 10/10.
Medium Prize - Cabinets, Sequencers, Cups; all very loved consumables = 10/10.
Fillers - Technically, the price of eye patches and rings makes them worthless at the moment. But, considering how good the stats are, everyone should use these and it is a good thing that it's readily available, so = 10/10.

Overall = 10/10.

This, I believe, is first time that I've given a perfect score for an FC. Let me explain why this FC seems so good. If you look at the date of the FC, it's from February/09 (according to when the J-Server got it). At this point on the J-Server, they already had the Sentinel and Abyss Set released - both of which are much better than the two sets we have here. So, for J-Server, this was an FC with a crappy Top Prize, so it had to be lined with good filler stuff...whereas here, on our server, the Top Prize is also good, since it got pushed forward so much.

And, like always, I'd like to end on a fun note:

*This just in: I lose to Raining in 1v1 *

I can also apparently do 3k in one swipe in PVP. Fear me!!!11ONE!
(You can watch that GM PVP Match that I uploaded and clearly see the 1k swipes...)