Pearz Has Level 90 Fever

As my last post stated, I have finally accomplished my goal of getting the Blaze of Ambition. As such, I have come down with Level 90 Fever.

Basically what this illness does is create a loss of direction. It's dubbed "Level 90 Fever" as it commonly occurs to players after reaching lv90. With their main goal accomplished, those stricken stood around aimless and bored. After obtaining the Blaze, I'm feeling less of an urge to even bother to queue. What fun is it to stomp random low levels? (Well are those that like it, but it's not my cup of tea.)

All I do now are the demon requests, Care my demons for that potential Daybreaker relic, and then pretty much nothing else.

Most likely I will log on less; if you really want me to PVP or if Chaos is super challenging, I'll log in. You can more likely find me in the shoutbox here than in game.

In other news, they are re-running the Boss Hunt Event that was done 6 months ago. I have no intention of doing 700+ kills in a week again. It's too much work. We won once; that's enough. D:

So, I know that a lot of players have been keeping up with the Bad Acts. But have you paid attention to the poll? Every time, in the poll, the SERIOUS, SERIOUS answer is picked. Why can't we all pick the humorous one, like randomly pointing and laughing at Xand for dying in random zergling rush? D:

This just proves that DA INTERWEBZ IZ SERIUZ BIZNUZ!

Side note before the FC review: the day before the FC launch, I predicted that we would get one consumable and one old costume that no one cares about. I was right. Ego boost + 5.

FC review:
Delicious Melons FC - 300AP
Top Prize - Stuff that dropped in price significantly... 2/10 (relative to other Top Prizes in the past).
Medium Prize - For 300AP, you can buy most of them directly in-game for only slightly more. 3/10.
Filler - Flooded. 1/10.

Overall - 2/10.

Back to School! FC - 600AP
Top Prize - Nothing good, stats-wise. If St. Hermelin v2 floats your boat... 4/10.
Medium Prize - Heart Shooter, and other older stuff that doesn't sell much in-game. 2/10.
Filler - Overall, very expensive for incense, beads, and threads. It's way under AP:macca ratio. 1/10.

Overall = 3/10.

So, as always, a final Fun Note:

(I should have included the funny end kill/death scores. I was 27-2, one of the deaths being a demon, while I gave the entire Chaos team 2+ deaths.)
.../doesn't understand this logic: if Takeaim needs 5 others to kill me, how would he need the same number from Rain to kill him when Rho or I/others alone would be enough...

The growing list of allegations about me:
1) I'm a chicken.
2) I use macro to cast my enhancement faster.
3) I'm nothing if you get anti-melee (god forsake the 6 other hammers I have in my inventory).
4) I'm scared to die (as seen by an earlier picture).
5) There's no need to kill me...?! (Even though an earlier screenshot says that killing chickens is fun, and also that nothing else but kills matter...)