Five Things I Hate About GMGreywulf

So, originally, there was supposes to be a post about the Western Scarf (it's still in drafting; I'll finish it in a day or two), but this takes precedent:

Five Things

1) This thread. I mean, seriously. Every other suggestion thread looks like this, but NOW it's a problem? So, either you don't read anyone else's suggestions or you're just THAT DESPERATE to stop players from rallying together to use less AP items.

2)I mean, true enough that this thread was derailed, but it RUINED MY FUN. It seriously was not that bad.
3) Xandamere, a much superior GM, was forced out so that Greywulf could come back. Seriously, Xand is much better at this customer service thing. 4) When Indi reposted the thread, you then got garbage like this. Apparently, agreeing with open poster (i.e. the simple way) is not allowed. We must all retype everything.

5) He smells funny.
(Aaro Disclaimer~ : This one's totally debatable.)

He sucks as a GM; should've made that vacation permanent.

Side note: my post about the GMs reverting their ways is slowly coming true. *LE GASP*
/acts surprised

Also can watch how broken Card + incense are, I' 1 hit swipping people for 3k+ crits: