Hur Hur Hur?

So, just finished my comic strip for the event that you can find here. It's probably not the "type" of material that they're looking for - but, nevertheless, it's full of win. (I mean, it took me like 10 WHOLE minutes to Google the exact speeches and picture that I needed. D:)

I started what I call The Level 25 Challenge. The challenge is this: a lv25 character will solo Ichi Gold. The catch is: you are not allowed incense or anything on your demon that a lv25 could not obtain (i.e. anti-fire and -ice). You are allowed a 1mil budget (for your character's gear), which we deemed is how much money a lv25 would, at most, have.

At the moment, I've started, but skill training another character is very...boring, and that's slowing my progress. I'll see if I can finish skill training soon. D:

So, I think we've all noticed the Megaten Forum overhaul. I'll post a more flame-induced post about this in a couple days, to give them more time to shape up (why I give so much leeway is beyond me).

If you haven't noticed, you can actually now find open stall spots on Channel 1 Babel during peak times. Probably a lot of players are moving to Aion... (I still think it's crap, 'cause of the lack of character customization.)

In older news, Clan hit Level 10 (roughly a week ago). Still only at 58/100 players. Yay~ *waves flag*

The Fail FC Review for the week:
(Notice how they need a mid-week promo to help try and boost sales?)

Buff Me Up! FC - 150AP
Top prize - Old "rares" that aren't rare anymore. 1/10
Medium Prize - Decent amounts of the consumables, I guess. 5/10
Filler - Barely on the AP:macca ratio; you're better off buying directly in-game. 3/10

Overall - 3/10

Speed Blades FC - 300AP
Top Prize - The useless blade bundle. 1/10
Medium Prize - New Divine Charm; otherwise, it's all junk. 3/10
Filler - More stuff that you're better off buying directly out of the Item Mall. 2/10

Overall - 2/10

Back to DOTA-ing now, and praying that I can get a Heroes of Newerth Beta key.
No final Fun Note this time. D: