GM Q&A That I Missed (And Some Other Stuff)

So, first order of news:

Jeen said he would make a Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Pearz list, but is procrastinating - so I'm going to give him some motivation. Back in the day, he wanted a Chaos Coat BAD. I stole the coat with a "better" offer. MUAHAHAHAHA. Have a nice day; hope to see that list soon.

My suggestion for FC changes. D: Read it and sign pl0x.

So, finally, the GM Q&A (with screens courtesy of Royce).

Well, the GMs don't know what they're talking about. (What's new?) Theena has the demon now. Also, gratz to Theena and Demongirl, who both hit 93 (Demongirl actually a while back).

If you don't get the reference: "eat fresh" = Subway slogan. This is supposed to come after Celu Gold. Ergo, a useless subway for low levels is more important than Celu Gold for higher levels.

Some good news: Alice will not be an AP demon. Let's hope the GMs hold true on this.

Here's the FC Review:
Incense It Up - 300AP
Top Prize - For the grind whores, 100 5x incense. D: This is 9/10.
Mid Prize - Only mildly getting the AP-macca ratio for a mid-prize. It's bad = 2/10.
Fillers - Good AP-macca rate = 8/10.

Overall - 7/10

It's Over 9,000! FC - 600AP
Top Prize - Other than the ScatterSG, there's good stuff with three new items. So = 8/10.
Mid Prize - Wow, you can get every piece of your armour here. That's so rare = 10/10.
Fillers - Still good stuff. Other than those +5 Vit earrings, everything is good and useful, in good quantity. So = 9/10.

Overall - 9/10

A final Fun Note:

JUST IN: Baiace is the best !!1!!1!OnE!1!! But still needs to wolf pack.