Wah? I'm Not Dead, And Neither Is This Blog

So, to start, *points at last update* My last update was almost over a week ago. Since then, we've gotten the new big, big patch - and, according to my poll, the sun has exploded, which has lead to such a lengthy wait for a new post.

So, gonna be lazy and do a super-short review of last week's Fortunes:
The incense/whatever one, remake of an old fortune with small twists. Nothing noteworthy, so 4/10 for recycling work. The other Fortune Card has the Doc/Agent Voucher. It's a sub-par set, with crappy fillers - 6/10.

So, the new BIG stuff added to our version was PVP, demon rebirth, some random new bosses, the new Sugi plate, new demons to fuse, crystal sublimation and...oh yeah, and PVP. So, I've been playing a lot of PVP matches and, in near future, I'll post some sort of small guide to the PVP matches and such (as I'm too lazy atm). Demon rebirths are nice, since then you can have uber growth rates on your demons. I haven't seen the new bosses or tried the new plate run (which I will do soon as PVP dies down a little). The new demons like Pallas Athena are nice to fuse.

The new sublimation is really spiffy. You can make some of the best items in game with them, like the Dead West, Giant Steelslicer and Demonic Ice Fan. The new Wind God and Thunder God are nice, but I don't break 5% making it and not gonna try (and the level requirement even makes it so only a select few can use it).

So, tons of new content to play with. I'll post more about it later, and you can find me if you go join a couple PVP matches.