New FC/IM Stuff + More Random Fun

So, since FC reviewing lately feels more like a chore than fun (mainly 'cause I don't like anything in them), let's get this out of the way first.

Yet again, the Aeria team doesn't update their OWN FC (that makes them money) on forums; smart move. Here is a player version.

Gift Heart Melon FC - 150AP
Wow, reuse the same FC again and again, pl0x. Not even something new-ish to make things a bit more interesting. If you really need these consumables, then buy them in-game; plenty of people still have huge stockpiles they can't get rid of... 2/10

Medic FC - 300AP
Nice syringe, and nice Medic Set. Seems like low AP cost with same rates on 10% rings - means more of them are being opened. Good thing for those still wanting the rush/shot one. Too bad that filler-wise, those prices are the worst. Nothing even selling decently. And also, some useless new rings. But since top prize is good, and it's an easier chance at 10% rings, this gets a 6/10. (Fillers still semi-useful stuff you use.)

Carbid FC - 600AP
New Salon Set is decent. The new weapons are not. The Heart earrings are the first of many that will be added later for other classes. Those should be a must-have for gunners (if you use those affinities). The mass stacks of Incense are actually a nice touch. A lot of people use those and would sell decently in game. The fillers are all semi-useful stuff that get used a lot. So: good fillers, decent new set, too bad a horrid weapon is tainting an otherwise really good FC (not to mention, huge price per try) - but at least you would get decent stuff for your money. It's 8/10.

Floating Mystery Box - 350AP
OMIGAWDS, the Mystery Chests from DOMO have invaded Megaten!?!?!?!? Wait, they were always here - in the form of Fortune cards...
Either way, do you really want all that filler junk that you'll most likely get from this thing?

Okay, boring part's over; it's now Fun Time (at least, for me) .

One night, I decided to browse DOMO forums and I came across this. I saw it and it looked fun. So, for one day, I was back in the DOMO world. Long story short, with lots of mispressing hot keys and the lack of ability to even walk straight, I still took 2nd place in the event. Yay for me~

Also, I would like to now direct you to this AMAZING SALE we had in our Web Item Mall:

If you don't know what is wrong with this, look at this. Way to drop the ball, GMs...

Some more random fun. Come read this post. I had a great laugh. If you don't feel like reading it all (questions why you would read my walls of text but not a post...), here are the highlights:
1. You lose 50% exp in a full team.
2. Also, you'd better kill your demons fast; you lose EXP if you're slow. :O

If you missed the humour in this post, then you too are under false misconceptions and believe these lies. Also, it's a perfect example of why the Jap Server thinks all of NA Server is full of retards. Way to reinforce the image.

So, since Rho and I obviously have too much free time, we both came up with two separate builds for a potential PVP gunner. To give a small gauge on how strong these builds are: my base damage after calculating without Pulse/incense is 525. (The numbers assume you use the stat buffs, and you're fighting a player with 40 Pdef, also with no incense/Pulse, all with gear currently obtainable in-game.) The amount of stats are based off a lv82 player.

Mine (Rapid, Penetrate build) ->
Base Damage: 400 per shot with Class 8 Rapid (120% modifier) (based damage with LOA off)
Weapon: 5-slot SVD, using Penetrate-base
Expertise: Lord Of Armor, max Rapid, Pulse on the side(would need lv90 to get this)

Problems with the build: need lv90 to get the Pulse, and LOA not that viable atm. Would consider changing that up for GK and maybe take Super Armor (substitute for LOA), and hope you spam out Rapid fast enough before you get knocked out. (Build could actually be stronger if you use Dying Light 4 and then use a bug [not really a bug...more of a flaw in damage formula] to make everything hit you for 1 damage, in order to keep the Hraesvelgr in your back activated with Dying Light 4 too.)

Rho (Fire Magic Bullet) ->
Base damage with Fire Bullet: 720 damage
Weapon: max-modded Avalon
Expertise: max GK, max Shot, basic stuff for COTW

Problems with the build: first off, I couldn't calculate how Siomai hits over 200 LNG, so I'm sure I'm missing some LNG/speed modifiers when calculating. (The highest I could calculate was 190-ish LNG) Another problem is this build would rely on an enhancer, unless you sacrifice COTW and a bit of Shot/GK to get Enhance yourself. (This would boost overall damage solo, but lower your damage if teamed.) But Chain 3 MB shots would kill anyone not defense pulsed with this build if you had Enhancement.)

End of story is that both builds are viable and could do some substainal damage if you built exactly for it.

If you actually bothered to level up to at least 8x (it's really not that hard; shows us that at least you tried a bit) and are determined to want to make your gunner good for PVP, then hit me or Rho up and we can optimize your build to one these (or maybe a third...). Would really like to have at least one decent PVP gunner on server - and let's face it, with the "intelligence" of EN population, even a gunner can sit at top ranks. (You're on a server where it's okay to not be efficient and be down right useless... Compare this to Jap Server, where you get shunned for being even slightly useless.)

Last bit of random fun: how cheap does a company need to be to use Photobucket for the pictures they upload of stuff they're selling...?